How do you survive your first year of sobriety?

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It’s the New Year. The Last Year was not great. You drank or smoked-out numerous nights a week. You might even say it was terrible. No matter the word you choose, the problem is the same: addiction.

     The solution is this: you are going to stay sober throughout 2015.

     Here are four tips to make this the an easy first year of sobriety. Perhaps you experienced a “first year” before, and by an unfortunate chance, you slipped: but no worries. These recommendations can still help. Use them, follow them, and enjoy a true first year.

     Improve Your Home

     Between all the beer and nasty chemicals consumed, you probably spared no time to clean wherever you call home. It’s wrecked now, understocked, or both. Lime stains rim the toilet, dishes are keeping the faucet head from a centered position, and oh, the smell from the trash can! The stench of that pizza was so pleasing, and only a week ago too!

     Do not see these old surroundings as permanent. You are not going to feel shame in your own abode.

     Make a list of chores, and tie these in with your recovery. A walk between rooms will reveal a notepad’s page of tasks that will keep you busy. Give your throne a scrub, clean the sink, and spray your trash can (take out that old pizza first). Schedule a day every week to complete your list, and do take the time to touch-up in between. Not only will this keep you busy, you’ll be creating a display that says “sobriety” to you, right in your home.

     Improve Your Body

     Addicts tend to focus so much on obtaining their release that personal care is frequently forgotten. Alcohol can pack on the pounds, with some beverages containing as many as 1,200 calories a serving. Other substances will subside feelings of hunger, leaving addicts with a dangerously-low body weight as a result.

     Now that you’re taking it one day at a time, utilize the web to help you eat better. Open a new tab and search for cheap, delicious, healthy meals within your budget. Write the ingredients down, and search for them at your local grocery store. And yes - they really are delicious!

     Once you have your diet picked out to slim down or bulk up, start taking a thirty-minute walk around your neighborhood. Take these strolls daily if you can. If there is a park nearby, even better; if not, try looking for one on your city’s official website. These walks will get you healthy sun rays, and a jump-start to your metabolism.

     Improve Your Look

     So you have a new diet, you’re taking those walks, and changing sizes. All of that old-you clothing is piling up in the corner. Next, try setting aside a few bucks a day to buy yourself new threads. Keep your poor-fitting pieces, and donate them as they become too large or small. There are stores that could offer you cash or store credit for your old threads, but addicts are one of the many who rely on donated clothing to stay warm. Do yourself a favor, and help. What’s a new-you without new morals?

     Improve Your Entertainment

     Addiction is a form of entertainment, one that is detrimental to our health. Without the bars or the dens, where does an addict go for their entertainment?

     While a Netflix subscription can help kill many evenings, why not also use your library card that has been screaming at the top of its lamination to see daylight? Chuckle-packed stories or romantic flings will keep you away from temptation.

     How about challenging yourself to read the classics? Literary critics love making Top Lists, and these are only a simple web search away. Make a list of three books to read for your first year of sobriety. A few will go over your head (Gravity’s Rainbow being an infamous one of many), but you’ll pick up new words, and even learn a thing or two.

     Speaking of Netflix, there are many similar services that provide on-demand access to digital books. If the classics are too daunting for now, there are hundreds of thousands of titles you can add to a list of your own, all readable from your browser. Books, whether in the form of print or a digital file, will keep all substances out of your hands.

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