How can I make friends on campus?

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So you've finally graduated high school and now you find yourself in the big scary world of post-secondary education. Maybe you first busted into college brimming with excitement, or perhaps you tiptoed in with trepidation and anxiety. Regardless of how you got your start, the one big question on your mind is how are you going to make friends?

Everyone says that college is the best time to meet people, resulting in lots of pressure and expectations. In fact, social relationships are a basic human need and thus making connections is important to both your social life and your mental health. With all that said, we can finally move on to how exactly you can make friends on campus.

The first and easiest way is just to get involved with school life. Whether this means writing for the school paper, joining an intramural sports team, or becoming part of the board game society, clubs are a surefire way to find people. The best part is everyone there will have shared interests with you, giving you lots to talk about and relate over. These activities allow you to meet people, but they also let you participate in something that you enjoy doing. It lets you relax and get away from the heavy academic workload. And as an added bonus, if you find yourself running out of things to say you can always just focus on the task at hand and return to the conversation when you feel comfortable. It may be nerve-wracking to go to a club alone, but before long you'll be looking forward to it.

The second (and slightly scarier way) is to try and make friends through spontaneous connections at parties or other social events. Even if you're not the party type, when you're living on residence your roommates (who are essentially built-in friends) will almost certainly take you to a social event or two. Or twenty. These parties are a excellent place to meet people who are all looking to be social and have a good time. It might be a bit harder to find common ground, and sometimes groups of friends can be intimidating, but that's what your good friend alcohol is for (wink, wink).

Third, but certainly not least, make friends through your classes. Similarly to joining extracurricular activities, people in your classes are interested in the same topics as you are, and the environment provides ample opportunity for talking. For instance, you could ask the person next to you for some help with a question, or ask them what they think of the professor. Everyone will be able to relate and respond to these questions, and from here you have an easy way to continue the conversation and learn more about their interests/area of study. Additionally making friends with people in your classes will help with your marks. If you need help you'll have someone to ask, and if you need to catch up a missed lecture you know someone will have your back.

College is a daunting and sometimes lonely adventure. Nonetheless these tips will provide you with you need to make some friends on campus and have a satisfying school experience.

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