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It's no secret, the creation of the internet has changed the dating game indefinitely. While there are many advantages to this fact, they are often hidden behind the daunting task of introducing yourself to someone and the ultimate risk of rejection. So, how does one get more dates in this day an age? That's an excellent question!

For the Guys...

OK, boys! Need a way to quench that crush of a thirst? This bud's for you! Nothing worth having in life is ever easy. That being said, the internet can be used to your advantage, but probably not in the way you's hope... Though many people now choose to use the internet for 100% of their dating efforts, this may not be the wisest way to go about it. Indeed, despite the plethora of dating sites and the like, there is no study that says any of these people are ever even getting to the stage of literally, physically dating. In fact, the way these sites are set up, many people have a whole relationship, without ever even meeting in the first place. This is certainly not my idea of a thriving dating life...

On the flip side, just one trip to your local grocery store or coffee shop and you'll realize women are everywhere! Short ones, tall ones, big one, small ones, no matter your type, they are out by the droves! So, how do you use your knowledge of the internet to help you secure more real life dates? Simple. Use the internet for information and approach them in real life. Does your crush post about going to the gym everyday? Or school? Or her favorite coffee shop? Or maybe even her favorite club? Go there and talk to her! It's that simple!

Wait...let's be clear!

I am in no way advocating that you stalk this girl, or that you spend your entire day studying their profile to learn their every move and interest. Nevertheless, if someone whom you'd like to date is constantly posting information that would help you land said date, you'd be a fool not to use it! Don't show up asking for her hand in marriage. Show up with a smirk and offering her a water bottle or her favorite latte and ten minutes later you'll realize you're already on date 1 and a simple number exchange can easily lead to date 2. Her inbox may be filled with offers from guys like you, but I'm willing to bet that you'll be the first gut who confidently strutted over and started a conversation with her, in quite a while!

A Slick Dating Trick to Get More Dates...

Now that you've got the gist of it, here's one last tip to help you approach any woman anywhere. In short, just pretend you recognize her off of social media. Indeed, there are few phrases one can utter that hold as much weight as “hey, don't I know you from Twitter?!”. If nothing else, this will get you in the door and at least a couple minutes of conversation. But, be forewarned, this certainly doesn't work on everyone as not everyone has taken to the dark world of social media. Use it...don't abuse it!

The Bottom Line...

Online dating can be awesome but there's something to be said for the man who is courageous enough to approach you in person. Many women are drawn to confidence above all else. You may be surprised how easy it is to get a date, if you're only bold enough to approach her in person.

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