I m single. Recently I came across a guy. We chat a lot. We never talk about sex! Is he interested in me?

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Well, he obviously is in to you otherwise he wouldn't engaging you every day. This is a great sign. Often times, guys will slowly work their way up to asking a girl out by talking to them each day. However, sometimes you have to take initiative because guys can be slow sometimes. If you want a sure-fire way of knowing if he likes you, simply just ask him. See if he wants to grab a bite to eat sometime and see how things go. If all else fails, at least you made a new friend in the process.A good way of going about this is to get his number. By asking him for his number, he will recognize that you see a potential future with each other. This is good because if he says yes, then you are well on your way do dating this guy. After you have gotten his number, text him everyday. This shows him that you truly care and see a future with him. If he texts you everyday before you do, then this is a clear indication that he is into you.

Next, you should find out his interests are. If both of you share similar interests, then this is a great place to build a rapport between each other. As both of you become comfortable with each other, talking will get easier. Now is the time to ask him the question. Ask him if he wants to go out on a date. Tell him it is a date so he knows you clearly like him. Sure, you may be nervous because you might fear being rejected. However, anything that is good requires a leap of faith and this is very true in the dating world. The worst thing that can happen is he says no, and then you can simply move on with you life.Once you have your date, you will definitely be able to tell if you have a connection. Look for eye contact. If he constantly makes eye contact with you and is always smiling, then you know that he is interested in you. After the first date, ask him out on a couple more. If he says yes, then you know that everything is going to work out. If he doesn't ask you out by the third date, you should get the courage and ask him out yourself. You will be surprised at what you find.

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