How to find motivation for freshman year of college?

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A little unsure, a little confused, and a little depressed in my first semester of my freshman year of college, a little conversation at the most spontaneous time lights my inner fire. Hopefully by sharing this personal story with you, you too will find your inner motivations that serves as inspiration to proptel you to your optimum capabilities.

I was taking a makeup exam this morning for my physics class at 9, I show up ten minutes late, which is a somewhat appropriate connotative word choice to set the tone for the rest of this post.

Anyways, the guy who administered the makeup was in his mid to late twenties. I could tell a little bit from his body language that he was sort of the type who might entertain divulging in life conversations with a person he’d just met. So after the test, I simply asked him, “do you have any tips for me, as a young nineteen year old in his first semester of college?” and that lead to a good hour+ talk and he tells me his very inspiring life story that I genuinely found awesome. Out of good taste I’m not going to go into detail of course but the gist of what hit home was these two ideas:

1. Realize and be real with you. And if you’re not pleased with you, you can change you. Because at the end of the day, you know if you’re really being true to yourself or you’ll never find that peace of mind. I admit one of my biggest weaknesses is being too prideful and letting my ego get the best of me, but I know I’ve got to stop being a dick and go back to the old me. :) Being 2,000+ miles away made me realize how much I love my family, gotta mature up and I want to strengthen my faith.

2. Acknowledge and realize your goals and plan what it takes to get there. I have one specific major goal that only me and a couple of close friends know that I want to achieve more than anything in the world. I realize it’ll take so much hard work and the culmination of achieving lesser goals but I want it. I’m a pretty passionate guy and whenever I say I want something, I really do. And I want it so bad. It would mean the world to me. Make it happen.

And then 5 minutes later after I peaced out, I go to the bathroom, and then he goes in to the stall next to me.

Him: Hey.

Me: What are the odds? … *walks away from urinal stall*

Me: See you at one. (deadpan, uncomfortable voice)

Him: Yeup.

I could have done away with that. One Asian guy 19 years old and a Romanian guy in grad school on a very solemn down-pouring morning having a heart to heart conversation then ruining the moment with an awkward bathroom moment. And I was wearing tight grey jeans. Just painting a picture. :|

Through our experiences, we develop our thought processes, which we utilize to make a sense of it all. Many of those who are entering their freshman year of college are unsure of what to expect, but the important thing for them to understand is that there is not too much to worry about, and just let it happen. Develop physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Regardless… What we do today, reverberates forever in history. Even though one person may not be able to contribute much, the little things goes a long way. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all did something to progress mankind?


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