Why Should I Study Abroad In College?

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Choosing Study Abroad

With all of the responsibilities and adventures that follow when one finally takes that step onto the college campus he or she will call home for the next four years, it is nearly impossible to fathom 'study abroad' being added to the list of finding classes, joining clubs, purchasing textbooks, adjusting to campus food, and making new friends. Many students forgo the opportunity to study in another country simply because of the preconceived notion that it is ridiculously pricey, when actually, the expenses can be quite reasonable when the proper research is done.

How You Can Study Abroad

The world in its entirety can be explored through international academic opportunities. Europe however, is a very popular travel destination when it comes to students traveling for a month, a summer, or an entire semester. The culture and traditions can never be absorbed all in one trip, and when you finally arrive, the only problem you'll encounter will be the dilemma of finally having to leave such a breathtaking place. More students can turn their dreams of studying in Europe into reality by investigating student travel organizations that frequently extend offers to new and seasoned travelers alike. EF College Break, Student Universe, and Adventure Student Travel are just a few of the plethora of student travel agencies that specialize in student travel and international tours while accommodating the limited funds students may actually have to partake in such a life changing opportunity.

Europe is not the only place students can study and explore new lands. There is an untapped world in places like Australia, Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, and the exotic South America. Study ecology and biological sciences in the Amazon, or Asian World History while walking across the Great Wall of China. The choices are endless and the experiences are some of the most cherished. You will truly know the meaning of the phrase: "A picture is worth a thousand words." Discover the beauty of Japanese architecture while learning the language or dive into the vivid culture of tribes in Africa that date back hundreds of years--all while immersing yourself in the raw beauty and purity of its lands. The opportunities are limitless and are meant to be seized at least once in a lifetime.

Students can also inquire about deals offered directly from their schools. Many spots are often left unoccupied on international excursions because students are poorly informed of the opportunities and the experiences they would gain from participating. Financial aid is many times readily available to assist students with traveling expenses and cost can be significantly reduced by signing up early and taking advantage of last minute offers of external student travel agencies, as they look to fill their seats as a means of spreading the word about their services and promotions.

Living on a student budget does not have to mean staring at the four walls of your dorm until you graduate. There is an entire world eager to share its wonders, and with the proper preparation the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa or Sistine Chapel can be among your next travel destinations.

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