What are the best ways to enjoy living on campus?

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The way to enjoy living on campus is easy, get out of your dorm room and join a club, a sport or get a job either on or off campus. These are the best tips I can personally give to anyone who is not enjoying their life on campus because no matter what school you attend and no matter how big the campus is if you stay locked up in your dorm room you will not enjoy on campus life at all. Also this options give you the opportunities to meet new people, gain new experiences and also can help your career down the line as well.

Clubs and groups are the best ways not only to meet new people but to experience activities and hobbies that you might end up really enjoying and pursuing after college life as well. For example my first year of college I joined the theater group at Suny Delhi. I got to meet new people, get away from my surroundings of my dorm life and also realized how much I enjoyed acting. Also the fact that got to get out of writing a paper and got compliments did not hurt either.

Another way to enjoy on campus life it to join a sport especially one that is different or new to you. My last semester of college I joined the women's rugby team. I got to travel, to be around people I would have never meet otherwise and also got to meet new girls who have made my post graduate life as fun as it should be and also have really been able to step up within the team to help organize events and gain interest in our community for out team as well. Plus I learned a sport I never knew about before and at this point could never imagine my life without.

The last way to enjoy living on campus is a beneficial one to which is to get an on or off campus job which also can work into your schedule. When I lived on campus I got to work at the bookstore which made it easier for me to get discounts on my textbooks and have some extra cash. After that I got an off campus job at a cafe which not only help me finically but let me network with people who ended up helping me get my current full time position post graduation.

These ways are all great ways to enjoy living on campus and also just to enjoy life as much as possible. College is a time for most students when they can just become who they really are and enjoy life without really having to deal with all of the stress that life can bring. Hopefully some of my own experiences can help you out in some way. Enjoy this time and really try to get involved as much as you can because you never know who you can meet and what events can happen by just getting out there.

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