What are the best jobs on campus?

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No matter where you choose to go to college, chances are that you're going to need a job on top of the financial aid to get through school. Some of the best jobs on campus are positions offered by the university. Working on campus is a great way to meet people in your community, get involved on campus, and grow your personal network; all while earning that paycheck that you need every week.

University Dining is always looking for students in need of employment. In universities with thousands of students who need to eat every day, it's a great place to start without needing prior experience. Cafeterias and mess halls need dishwashers, cooks, cleaning staff, and cashiers to function. These are all base level jobs to start off at. If you like the work environment, you can usually move up to being a supervisor or manager after your first year. With approximately four years of school, moving up within dining services is a great way to secure employment while you're in school. Most campuses also have catering teams for special events that you could transfer to after you put in some time.

Student Affairs, Campus Life, or whatever label your university sticks on it is also a good place to seek employment. Departments on campus require a lot manpower and paperwork to run smoothly. Most of the offices on campus will hire undergraduate students to work their desks, mail rooms, cleaning staff, and run the phones. Not only is this a prime area to work in, but it can put you in contact with the professors and professional staff in your department. Contacts you make can help you land internships, find a job after you graduate, and also look great on a resume.

University Housing is one of the most underrated departments to work for. Residence halls hire office assistants, night watch personnel, and Resident Advisers. Office assistants work the front desks in the halls, take phone calls, sort mail, and assist residents during the day. Night watch personnel check people into the buildings after hours and roam the halls to ensure a safe living environment. Resident Advisers usually get free room and board in return for interacting with residents, ensuring a smooth transfer for them to life on campus and helping out with any of their issues. They often have additional responsibilities in keeping their residence hall up and running, and plan programs to get their residents involved. Working for University Housing can also lead you into a graduate program in student affairs, and is one of the best items on your resume if that's the field you choose to go into.

All of these are some of the best jobs on campus. They are great ways to meet people and stay involved as you go through the semesters to earn your degree, and lessening the financial burden of paying for that degree. They are great ways to build your resume, build a network of contacts, and set you up for life after graduation.

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