How do you make friends with a college bucket list when you live off campus?

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The College Bucket List- Making Friends Even When You Live Off Campus

Do you feel like part of the community? My college mascot is a Dragon. In fact his name is Scorch. I didn't really feel like a MSUM Dragon until right before graduation. I'm not happy about missing out on so many years of being part of the college community, but I've always felt like part of the city community I live in. To feel more like a Dragon (and for that a college student) I created a “College Bucket List” of things I wanted to do before graduation... one semester before I graduated. I did have much time but I did get to check off quite a few of the items on the list.

I think having a list like this is even more important if you're not staying in the area after graduation. Why is it important at all? Because being part of a community brings meaning to your experiences while at college and later in life. Start your list with a few simple things like attending a sporting event at your college. Check out your college's website for an events page, in case football or track isn't really your thing. What might your College Bucket List look like? I'm so glad you asked!

Attend one Dragon sporting event

Go to the walk-up Dairy Queen

Visit the College Planetarium

Attend one artistic performance

Join one student group of interest

And now you're wondering, is that my bucket list. No, but I did take a few things from mine. Since I stared mine so late, I included a lot of city community items like visiting the “Fargo Walk of Fame”. That's where all the famous people who visit Fargo put their hands and feet in cement (like Dr. Ruth, Garth Brooks, and Big Bird!)

After completing many of my bucket list items, I felt more like a Dragon. Honestly, I felt less alone. When I first came to college I joined the rugby team. Moving from my parents' home to an apartment of my own in Fargo meant it was going to be more difficult to create a new network of friends. That's why getting out there and doing new things is so important. For me it was doing something new like playing rugby. It gave me a great sense of community and I have friends now that will be friends for the rest of my life. After an injury, I couldn't play as much as I did before so I was more involved in my group work for school. The camaraderie of working on a difficult project can create bonds that are ever lasting.

And if all of your friends move away after graduation, you'll still have your city community friends. Like the friends I made from a Salsa Dancing Club. So be a part of it all! You never know who you'll meet or what you'll learn, but I know it will be worth it! All these great friends and experiences from one little list.

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