How is life after graduation?

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While college seniors are often excited about graduation, many are anxious about life after graduation.The anxiety comes from not knowing what comes next.The few lucky students who have already secured full time job offers before graduation have lower levels of anxiety compared to their counterparts who neither have job offers nor have any idea what they want to do after graduation.Anxiety about graduation is also prominent among students as they have to adjust from the student status to an adult status where they are forced to make important decisions about their life, become responsible for bills and other expenses they may not have handled while in college and transition into the work environment which is very different from the college environment.

Most college seniors always want to know what to expect after graduation.This is a question I've been asked enough times by former schoolmates approaching graduation.My answer is always simple, it is what you make it to be.It can be great or can be very frustrating depending on how prepared you are to face the challenges that lie ahead.Before my graduation, my mentor called me and asked me about my plans after graduation.Like most college seniors, I had no idea and because I had no idea I did not like to be asked about my plans after graduation.I gave her a rough idea of what my plans were and she flat out told me that I was not serious.We then spent a considerable amount of time planning for my life after graduation. At the end of the discussion, I had a plan A,B and C.

There is a quote that says failing to plan is planning to fail.Every college senior should live by this quote because their life depends on how good of a plan they have before graduation.Students that had a great plan scored their full time jobs before graduating,and for those that did not have a full time job, they could bounce on their plan B and if plan B failed there was plan C.Having a plan does not always mean that everything will go as planned, but a plan helps keep you focused and less wary.

There are a lot more responsibilities after graduation than when in college.While in college you can choose to miss a class and sleep in your dorm room, in the real world, you can't simply miss work because you don't feel like going.You can't drop jobs the same way you'd drop professors that you don't like.On the other hand, upon graduation life can be fun.The pride that comes with earning your own money and becoming financially independent is priceless.Making your own decisions and growing professionally and intellectually.

There may be some challenges but with a great plan, sound advice from the right people and the willingness to learn, these challenges can be transform into amazing opportunities. And once you have adjusted and figured out the work life balance, you will look back and wonder why you were ever anxious about graduation. Then you can reach out to someone else in college and guide them as they approach graduation.

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