Why is it that Guys Can't Fix Anything?

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I am convinced that guys can't fix anything. Sure, they're great with a wrench or a hammer, but when it comes to putting together sentences to fix a problem they created, they're just not good at it. With the stress of graduation right around the corner, my boyfriend and I seem to be prone to getting into arguments over the little things. More specifically, my boyfriend seems to be prone to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. And once we begin our tiffs, my boyfriend manages to prolong them by five more arguments within the original argument almost every time. It's amazing how incapable he is of getting himself out of the hole. During our most recent argument, I would be explaining just how upset with him I was, and he came back with, "I like your outfit." ... Are you kidding me? And once he realized that was the wrong way to go, he made further attempts to pick up the pieces: "Your hair looks nice today." No. "That dinner you made tonight was so good." Nope. "... You're really cute when you're mad." C'MON!

He's not the only one who has this problem. My former boyfriend suffered from a similar issue but usually took a different route and instead insulted me as he dug his hole. He would muster up anything from insults about my parents to my friends. So unoriginal. Although, I will give him credit for his creativity when it came time for our parting words and he threw in some choice phrases and proceeded to throw my rain boots down the street. It was definitely like nothing I'd seen before.

I've noticed that my girlfriends have observed the same thing about guys. From their experiences, I've only collected further data to support my argument. As such, I've compiled a list of "Things not to do or Say Instead doing or Saying the Right Things":

1. As we've discussed, starting a stream of compliments won't work in your favor.

2. A stream of insults won't bode well, either.

3. Texting for the sake of ending an argument is just as dangerous as texting while driving.

4. Getting your friends to talk to her friends to talk to her was stupid even in elementary school.

5. Telling your girlfriend she's wrong is usually a mistake and usually a lie. There's your next argument.

6. Yelling should be reserved for your sports games.

7. Crying will not show off your sensitive side.

8. Flowers and jewelry are pretty but not pretty enough.

9. Using your Facebook status to your advantage can't be done.

10. Implementing the silent treatment will dig a hole so deep, even your shovel can't help you.

At the end of the day, guys and girls are different. Guys like sports, but guys hate chick flicks. Guys like to drink beer, but guys don't like to drink wine. Guys can fix anything with their tools, but guys can't fix anything with their words.

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