Is the dating process a relationship?

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It's the year of 2011 and dating seems nonexistent. No one wants to get to know another person. No one seems to care because everyone is rushing to become boyfriend and girlfriend instead of being primarily friends.

Dating is not a relationship, it is a precursor to what could possibly turn into a relationship. The lines of dating and relationships have crossed over the years and its time to get it back! Dating gives potential couples a chance to bond on a level that they wouldn't be able to if they rushed into a relationship. It creates a certain closeness that will eventually grow and hopefully help move toward a strong relationship in the future. The dating process assists a potential couple with getting familiar with short term goals, long term goals, religious beliefs, facts about children, and future endeavors.

During the dating process there shouldn't be a limit to how many people you are dating considering there is no commitment. If there is a limit set by two people, that would be a more serious version of the dating process and therefore would seem as if the dating has crossed over into more of a relationship. However, those stipulations should be set after two people have successfully finished the "get-to-know-you" period.

Dating should be a fun time. It is a period in your life where you explore a number of situations and network with several people to find what you want for your future relationship. It isn't wise for men and women to rush into situations because that is why a number of relationships fail. After all the fun and different activities are gone and the real world experiences start kicking in, people start to see what their partner is really made of. Finances, previous relationships, and self-esteem issues can instantly tear two people apart if the two people didn't have that strong dating platform to begin with.

A strong dating platform would be months of going to different locales for dinner, dancing, movie viewing or cultural shows like the opera or symphony. It would entail open and frequent communication about every subject one is comfortable with discussing. It would be realizing the mistakes from past relationships and avoiding them in order to keep everything fresh and new. The biggest attribute two people need to achieve in order to have a strong dating platform is to become best friends over the course of dating.

Make sure laughing, sharing and creating a comfortable environment is included in the dating process because friends become lifelong lovers. They have elaborate and intricate communication skills amongst themselves which will mean a more mature relationship.

In the end, Dating is not a relationship. It is steps to becoming lovers. It is a chance to earn a lifelong friend and to enjoy the company of many people until you find that one special person to share many dates with. Its exploring people in order to find yourself. Dating is fun. It's innovative and it should be thought of as a process, not a chore.

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