what is the most rewarding opportunity of a lifetime? college life

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I believe that choosing to go to college to continue education is one of the best choice's in life. The opportunity to get educated is wonderful! How exciting it is to be amongst others who have similar interests? Many college students will say that college life is hard,but it can be handled correctly and rewarding. Some benefits of that life are getting good grades,joining fraternities and sororities,partying, and being away from home. Some negative benefits of college life are: failing school,not getting a certain degree,and not learning anything while attending school. I believe education is important because: it is the smart choice to make, others' can make something of themselves and become successful,and it will be a beginning to a brighter future.

Education is powerful. There are so many people who do not have the necessary education they need to have better lives;they have to struggle every day just to make it in life. Many give up hope,some may have overwhelming circumstances to deal with and could not complete school,and then there are those who simply do not care about education. How can this be? It is because those who do not care at all,are sad people who do not want to see others' succeed at all. Instead of encouraging people,they do the opposite,and put others' down with the words they say and their actions. Never give up hope. Education is the best choice to make because it will be the stepping stone to propel others onto a path of happiness for themselves. Their life will be enriched and so rewarding!

Those that do attend college can become anything that they want to become! it is an amazing feeling;to be successful. The ones that never let what anyone or anything get them down,and persevere thorough any situation,I tip my hat off to them. They are strong,determined,and resilient. Even those that have been through ups and downs,they can succeed in college life and in life as well. The only way to get anything in life is with an college education. Nothing is better than that fact. That is a blessing and a rewarding opportunity of a lifetime!

A brighter future is what will be in store for all who have decided to educate themselves. Just to think that there will be a chance that he/she will obtain an good paying job that will become a career,is great. Who wants to not be happy at a job they do not like and they know it will never become a career? Not too many people. Besides learning new things about a particular major,college students get to learn about other cultures,meet new friends,build strong and lasting friendships,develop strong communication skills,become independent and responsible, and learn different things. Yes, it is challenging, frustrating,and trying at times,but, in the end, going to school/college will be so rewarding. It will mean that you made a decision to better yourself and be a good citizen in this country. America is the land of opportunity. Why not choose the best;college life! Who wouldn't want a brighter future? i can not think of anyone who does not want the good life. We all make choices in life. Some are good; most are not. It is up to us to try to make the best decisions possible. It is never too late. unity

Do something in life that u can be proud of and say " I did that!". What an incredible feeling that will be an rewarding opportunity of a lifetime and last forever

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