On-Campus Housing Option vs Off-Campus: Which is the Best?

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The big day has finally arrived! You made it to college, got accepted into the school of your choosing, and the important question of where to live arises. The key to solving your housing option issue is obvious: pick the most advantageous choice.

It is always important to constantly remind yourself why you are where you are; to succeed academically. The best way to set yourself on the right track is to allow your place of residence to be that reminder. That can be easily accomplished by living on-campus at your university. While some schools require incoming freshman to live on campus, a large number of schools give you the option.

On-Campus Housing Option:

Without a doubt, there are numerous pros to choosing an on-campus housing option. If you are going to a school with a mandatory on-campus housing option, it is best to apply for housing as soon as possible, guaranteeing you a more favorable pick. This way you will have better choices of roommates and location.

It is equally important that you look for others with similar interests to allow for your living situation to remain incident free. It is also a great way to make close friends you will cherish for the rest of your life. The easiest way to accomplish this is to look for a learning community, a group of students who have similar interests, in which your school will automatically assign you with like minded individuals.

Location, location, location. Even though it may be difficult to fathom now, it is impossible to match the convenience of being within walking distance of your classes, dining areas, and other resources your school offers. This translates to less time worrying about commute and more time devoted to catching up on sleep, and recreational activities.

Off-Campus Housing Option:

Just because you may not be required to live on-campus the first year, it still remains the smartest choice. Living on your own away from campus can create unnecessary stress, as can becoming acclimated to living with new people. Even if you happen to know the people you are going to be living with, they could unexpectedly surface habits you never realized they had, creating major turmoil. This added stress is never a good idea when you already have enough stress striving for academic success and adjusting to your new college life.

Additionally, being required to hassle with lease agreements and utility companies is something that should be left until after your first year. It is more important to focus on becoming adjusted to college freshman year.

Not all schools offer bus or transit systems, inevitably requiring you to drive to campus for class, meetings, etc. The last thing you want to do is waste unnecessary money paying for gas when it could be spent on enjoying your time at school.

All in all, an on-campus housing option will not only be an easy decision, but it will also be one of the smartest choices you can make during your college tenure.

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