How do I Choose the Right Fraternity for Me?

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It's right around the middle of September, you've been living on campus for a few weeks now, and can finally walk to class without getting lost. As you walk to class you're getting fliers from gorgeous ladies (who are clearly older than you) to attend rush events for several fraternities on campus this week, You are so excited to tell your roommates that you were invited to all of these parties by some good-looking women, but guess what? They got invited by those same girls to the same parties.

Your first choice is to choose the right fraternity parties you're going to go to. Assuming you've figured out through the grapevine which fraternities are top-tier and which ones you already know you wouldn't want to be caught dead with, this decision shouldn't be too hard for you. Your roommates probably decided to go to the same parties that you're going to, which make you feel slightly less nervous about going. If you're still unsure about rushing, you should rush anyways. The best case scenario is that you'll end up with a great group of guys (many of whom you will be lifelong friends with), and have a college experience that you wouldn't trade for anything. The worst case scenario is that you'll get the chance to meet some girls, get some free alcohol, and figure out that Greek life isn't for you. Greek life isn't for everybody, but at least you can say for certain that it's not for you.

So you go to the different rush events and get a chance to see various fraternity houses in their element. It's fairly easy for you to see who is in the fraternity and who is rushing one. You'll meet many fraternity men at the different events. If a brother is interested in you, you will know because throughout the night, he'll introduce you to a handful of his brothers and probably invite you to their house for an event the next evening. If all goes well, you'll be invited to a few houses for events later in the week. This will give you the best opportunity to choose the right fraternity for you.

The first night of rush events are typically large parties to get the largest amount of potential new members to choose from to attend. The events later in the week might include barbeques or mixers where brothers will get a better chance to talk to you and decide if you are a good fit for them. While fraternities are trying to decide if you would be good for them, it is equally important to choose the right fraternity for you. After you answer questions about yourself, don't be too shy to ask questions about them and their fraternity. Fraternities will surely tell you about their academic standards, their philanthropy (volunteer work), intramural awards, and reasons why they feel they are the best on campus. You should ask about the pledging process, if there is hazing (Hazing is illegal, but many fraternities still practice it. It is ultimately your decision whether or not you wish to partake in hazing.), how much you would expect to pay in dues, and most importantly, ask why they chose to pledge their respective fraternity.

All of these factors should weigh heavily on your decsion to choose the right fraternity. Don't join a fraternity that you would have to change your image to be a part of, you should pick the one with the brothers who are like-minded as yourself, who enjoy doing the same activities, and who you see youself spending the rest of your college days with. Most of the time, the fraternity that you feel like you are already a part of during rush week will give you a bid. If you do get a bid, it means that the entire fraternity unanimously voted for you to get one, and they feel that you will be an asset to their fraternity. Only time will tell if you chose the right fraternity, but if you follow this guide, you will be way ahead of the game. Good luck in your Greek life endeavors.

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