How do campus police officers react to parties?

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It is no secret that college students like to throw parties. On any given weekend, there will be a considerable amount of speakers blaring, young men and women stumbling back to their dormitories, and red cups randomly spread about. In high school, getting an underage drinking charge poses a great threat to your future; teens usually drink in random places such as woods and abandon buildings before entering college. However, police on duty at a campus tend to do things much differently than your average cops. If you are respectful and responsible, avoiding trouble on a college campus proves simple to do.

College campus' are home to thousands of students. Parties often fill houses to the maximum,and flow out both the front and back doors of the building. Campus police rarely decide to bust a party until it reaches this point. The most common reason for the police to bust a party is the crowd outside; the officers do not mind the presence of these events on a campus, however do have a job to uphold. If parties are blatantly being thrown or getting out of hand, the police themselves can be questioned by the campus board for not attending their responsibilities. As long as a respectful level of discretion is taken, the probability of campus police officers targeting a party for closure is minimal.

Many parties are broken up by police after a certain time. It's a well known fact that the longer a party goes on, the longer the attendants are drinking alcohol. With young people crowded in one area getting consistently more drunk as the night goes on, the probability of something dangerous happening increases. Drunk student's are prone to alcohol poisoning, fights, and injury in the crowded environment. When the campus police decide its time to call it a night, it only helps to listen. As long as everyone leaves when asked, complications don't usually arise; student's who try and linger, hoping to continue after the authorities leave, are often the one's that receive the least leeway.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about campus police is that they are there for your protection. The officers are hired by the school to protect students from robbery, assaults, and other serious crimes. Students drinking scores low on the list of their priorities for arrest; however, students endangering themselves or others does not. In other words, a student that has had too much to drink, and is making it obvious by vomiting on the side of the road, yelling belligerently at others, or passed out in an inappropriate will be the first to be arrested. It is important that students look after themselves, so that the police or security on campus will not have to.

Overall, drinking alcohol, whether it be on a college campus or not, requires responsibility. On many college campuses, it is understood that students will engage in large social events, and that they will involve considerable quantities of alcohol; there exists a higher tolerance for such behavior in this environment. However, police still have a duty, and must breakup parties that are obvious or out of control. Also, students who clearly show a lack of responsibility often fall short of the campus police officers' lenience.

Although the cops on campus may not act as strictly as regular departments, they must still maintain a level of control for the safety and comfort of all residents in the area. With a level head and adherence to general common sense, there should be no issue while attending social events in college.

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