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College 101:

Coming from suburbia where I essentially knew each and every single person in my high school, my first year at 15,000+ person college was overwhelming. Going from knowing everyone to no one was scary, but also exciting. I remember my first day of freshman year vividly. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I pranced from my parents car into the dorm elevation and up to the 8th floor, trip after trip. When finally done packing, I tried attempt after attempt to push my parents out of my room and all the way to New York four hours away. When my wish finally came true and my parents stopped crying the car rolled out of the parking and I was on my own. As I sat in my room alone, waiting for my roommate to arrive a flash of fear came over my body and I began to cry. For the first time in 18 years I was completely alone. How would I remedy this?Week after week went by and a typical day went like this: shower, coffee, walk to class at 7:50 am, get to class, go back to dorm, eat dinner (by myself), watch Sex & the City, bed. I knew I had to do something to fit in. I knew I had to get involved in college.

I decided to go to the campus information booth and ask for a book of clubs and activities on campus. There were 303 registered groups on campus. Anything from kitting to cupcake club to chemistry club. My dream was always to be in a play so I chose something that interested me: the Vagina Monologues. I got to act, and was put in a similar club about women's rights. I found my niche, made friends and had activities to keep myself busy. Through this decision I made entirely new friends who had the same ideology as me and were all in the same boat--we didn't know anyone. In college, everyone has a commonality so it is easy to make friends, find activities and fight for what you believe in or do what you are interested in. Go to your campus rec center and join inter-murals, join your dorm's hall council and be on the event planning committee and find an activity you have always loved or a brand new one you have always been interested. In a large campus where you sometimes feel alone, joining a club makes you feel at home. You find other students with the same interests who are also looking to meet new people, find an activity to get away from studying and have some fun. You may feel alone and at a loss at first, but finding something you enjoy will put you at ease and enable you to be yourself.

College can be scary but after you get the initial hump, you will create memories that will last a lifetime. so get involved in college. Meet as many people as you can and take this time to advocate what you believe in and impart your knowledge to others.

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